Behind the ‘abolish GCSEs’ headlines

Michael Gove is at risk of making changes to the school curriculum and exam system that have not been thought through. They could have a damaging effect on standards Read more

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Baffled over Scots’ ballot

When Scotland goes to the polls next week, voters may be confused about whether they are deciding on local or national issues.  In some cases the electorate is being asked to vote on manifesto promises that can’t in fact be delivered locally Read more

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Tweet defeat for academies

Tweeting questions to the secretary of state for education is an interesting experience but not the best way to get to grips with the accountability of academy schools Read more

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Data overload

Is the coalition government making the same mistake as its Labour predecessor in bombarding the public with too much information? The latest incarnation of school league tables suggests it might be Read more

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Turning the tables

School league tables in England have been amended again by the Department for Education. The changes are welcome and will help parents, but the DfE could still do better Read more

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Classrooms, capability and culture

Michael Gove’s plans to make it easier to sack underperforming teachers are sensible, but they will be meaningless unless there is a major cultural shift in schools Read more

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Arguing the case for academies

Michael Gove should cease preaching to the converted on academies and try to win over sceptical parents, governors and teachers Read more

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Give and take on schools funding

The Chancellor’s announcement on capital funding for schools is only giving back a bit of the sums taken away when Building Schools for the Future was cancelled. And it is not being shared out fairly Read more...

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Education spending: all shall not have prizes

With education spending facing its largest cuts since the 1950s, the pupil premium is one of the few areas to gain. But how shall we measure its success? Read more

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Private lessons for state schools

Would more involvement from the private sector improve the educational performance of state schools? The international evidence suggests that this could be the case Read more

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