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Spending cuts under scrutiny

The next few years will be very bleak in terms of spending cuts, but the public sector has to find ways to mitigate their impact. Local scrutiny of budget decisions is more critical than ever Read more

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Let the buyer be aware

Public sector markets are here to stay. But a series of high-profile failures demonstrate how government needs to be a lot smarter about the way they are rolled out. Read more

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The new leadership challenge

Public sector leaders need to be more than merely good managers. The times we are living in demand formidable professional skills and a high degree of initiative and awareness Read more

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Beyond austerity: the bad news

Austerity might hurt but it’s not the only problem facing the public sector. Radical solutions will be needed to drive down costs in the years to come Read more

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Procurement: more than just buying

Public sector procurement needs to become increasingly commercial in its approach. Better market intelligence and contract management are key to doing it smarter Read more

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Public sector commissioning: an art not a science

Successful strategic commissioning by public sector bodies is a complex process, more akin to making music than a purely technical exercise. Ministers should take note Read more

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Making a fair day’s pay work

Everyone stands to gain from paying employees a decent living wage. The public sector should use its leverage as an employer and procurer of services to extend living wage agreements

Read more

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Third sector: part of the solution

The voluntary sector is feeling the cold winds of austerity. But it is also discovering some important reserves of strength. Government should take note Read more

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Public pay stats: surely some mistake?

Public sector pay seems to be growing faster than private sector earnings. But scratch the surface and it’s mostly down to smoke and mirrors  Read more

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Osborne needs to rethink regional pay

The chancellor appears to be preparing to abolish national pay arrangements for the public sector. This would be a bad idea at a time when staff need more motivation,  not less Read more

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