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Third sector: part of the solution

The voluntary sector is feeling the cold winds of austerity. But it is also discovering some important reserves of strength. Government should take note Read more

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Public pay stats: surely some mistake?

Public sector pay seems to be growing faster than private sector earnings. But scratch the surface and it’s mostly down to smoke and mirrors  Read more

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Osborne needs to rethink regional pay

The chancellor appears to be preparing to abolish national pay arrangements for the public sector. This would be a bad idea at a time when staff need more motivation,  not less Read more

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Stop reinventing the wheel

The UK public sector values innovation more than delivery. As a result, it wastes billions of  pounds designing apparently ‘perfect solutions’ that simply expire on the drawing board Read more

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Unemployment: reasons to be even gloomier

What are the prospects for replacing jobs lost in the public sector? Despite government claims, it’s hard to see how the private sector can fill the gap   Read more

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Hitting the poorest where it hurts

Public sector pensions were comprehensively renegotiated in 2006 to ensure they remained affordable for the long term. The government’s actions now are driven by ideology, not fact Read more...

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Mind your own affairs, minister

Whitehall keeps ordering  democratically elected councils about instead of focusing on its own failings. It is time for a local government constitution
Read more

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Local standards are a national issue

Proposals in the Localism Bill to abolish Standards for England and councils’ national code of conduct could threaten good governance in local government Read more

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You can say fairer than that

The government is right to address the huge unfunded liability that public sector pensions represent. Read more...

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Take the politics out of pensions

Pensions have become a key battleground between government and public sector workers. Ian Mulheirn puts forward the case for a pay and pensions body to depoliticise the issue Read more...

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