Taxing questions for Scotland

All the parties are promising further devolution of fiscal powers to Scotland in the event of a No vote. So what might that mean in practice? Read more

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Getting the best from the board

The role of boards and their chairs is crucial to the successful performance of organisations in the public sector and beyond. Boards must demonstrate both good governance and good leadership Read more

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Welsh lessons on scrutiny

Scotland has developed a number of radical policies in recent years, but has its financial scrutiny process been left behind? It could learn a lot from the system introduced in Wales Read more

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The real cause of the Greek crisis

Greece has finally agreed a deal with its lenders to enable the latest bailout to go ahead. But what actually caused the crisis in the first place and how can the country avoid repeating the mistakes of the past? Read more

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AV for all? By John Tizard

It is extraordinary that this Thursday as millions of people vote in local government elections they will only be asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to electoral reform for the Westminster Parliament but not for council elections. Read more...

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All aboard in Whitehall? By Jonathan McClory

This week saw the first ever meeting of the government’s new cadre of Lead Non-Executive Directors. Bringing together the recently appointed top Neds for their respective departments, the meeting introduced the group to the workings of Whitehall, the government’s reform agenda, and how they fit into ministers’ overall strategy. Read more...

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Executive error, by John Tizard


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In defence of tick boxes, by Colin Talbot

The Conservatives shadow Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, was yesterday widely quoted as condemning the government’s health “targets” regime for forcing staff to “focus on ticking boxes not patients.”  We’ll leave aside why anyone would want to tick patients, and concentrate on Mr Lansely’s opposition to ‘ticking boxes’. Read more...

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Non-executive nightmare, by Malcolm Prowle

The recently published report into the appalling failings of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust brings the issue of organisational governance once more back into the spotlight. Read more...

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