Who’s watching our schools?

Failures at academy trusts are the predictable result of removing schools from democratic scrutiny Read more

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Academies: let the buyer be aware

The conflicts of interest recently highlighted by MPs could be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to academy procurement Read more

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Ballots, banding and balanced intakes

Creating a system of fair school admissions is never easy. But it is important that opportunities to attend more successful schools aren’t limited to those with the deepest pockets Read more

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School stewardship: could do better

‘Freedom’ from council control does not mean an abdication of responsibility. Academies and free schools need to improve their approaches to both governance and financial probity Read more

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Freedom to teach well?

Arguments over free schools miss the point. Reducing in-school differences in the quality of teaching is the most important factor in improving education standards Read more

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Educating Tristram

Labour’s education policy of late has been tortured and unconvincing. New shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt now has the opportunity to embrace the civic energy behind free schools while calling for greater local democratic accountability Read more

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School ballots: a good choice

School ballots – or ‘lotteries’ – have had a bad press. But they could be a useful instrument for levelling the educational playing field and improving social mobility  Read more

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Why Mr Always Right is wrong

For Education Secretary Michael Gove, every critic of his reforms is an ‘enemy of promise’. But there’s a reason he can’t carry the profession with him. Read more

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The Suffolk schools’ solution

Schools in Suffolk are beginning a radical partnership with their counterparts in inner-London Hackney. Such collaborations could dramatically improve pupil performance, according to the chief executive of the RSA Read more

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What, no new education bills?

The absence of any new education legislation in the Queen’s Speech was no bad thing. Michael Gove has introduced more than enough radical changes that need time and support to bed in Read more

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