Infrastructure: planning for success

The current regime for planning of major developments is not able to ensure that projects are supported by the public. Other countries can show the UK how to improve participation and take better decisions.

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Jobs stats: getting over labour pains?

The latest labour market data contains some encouraging news on pay. But we’re still a long way off from a return to pre-downturn employment levels in some parts of the UK.
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Failing the red tape challenge?

The coalition has tried to cut number of regulations coming out of Whitehall departments, but the total burden on business has still increased. Can the next government learn the lessons?

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What does the Autumn Statement mean for health and social care?

As the dust settles on the chancellor’s Autumn Statement, this is a good time to review what it told us. It contained three big messages: one on money, one on reform, and one on social care Read more

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Are public sector pensions always the best?

Public sector pensions don’t always work well for lower paid employees. The pension flexibilities announced in the Budget could make a defined contribution pot a more attractive option Read more

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Why government needs Better Business Cases

With increasing public interest in the way governments make decisions, it’s vital that business cases are robustly constructed. The Treasury is leading the way with a new training and accreditation programme. Read more

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The Care Act: ensuring effective financial management

The Care Act will have major implications for local authorities’ financial forecasting and reporting, but it also offers an opportunity to improve the financial management of social care costs Read more

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An NAO for our times

The National Audit Office needs a new strategy to cope with austerity and the new devolution and localism settlements. It will be an early challenge for its new chair
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Council funding: a Christmas quarrel

There was little seasonal cheer for local authorities in the Autumn Statement. Just the promise of a lot more pain to come Read more

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Blue light services: dial M for merger

While legislation to permit integration of blue light services is on ice until after the election, pressure on resources is driving collaboration on the ground. Read more

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