Our finances are flashing red: local government must be funded properly

Whoever wins the next election needs to put the brakes on austerity. It’s time to press the reset button on local government finance. Read more

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Local authorities need more control of our own destiny

Councils across the country are embracing the opportunities presented by cooperative models of service delivery. But these approaches also need local government to be given meaningful powers over economic policy and funding.

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A healthy development in Manchester

Today’s revelation that NHS funding in Greater Manchester will be devolved to the combined authority is positive, but it must also lead to more local control of services across the country.

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Election 2015: open the books on UK plc

British voters deserve to be as well-informed as shareholders when it comes to getting the whole accounting picture on the fiscal state of the economy
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The NHS must embrace new technologies

Smarter use of new technologies such as apps and social networking can really help the NHS to boost its productivity profile. Read more

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Risk management: are you dazzled by the lights?

If the response to agenda papers on risk is to note them politely and move on, you could be making a big mistake. CIPFA can help internal auditors navigate the heat maps and assurance frameworks Read more

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How to get localism right

More local powers and control is clearly part of the future for local government. But it should be accompanied by a better understanding of what councils are for.

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New Jim Murphy takes Labour leftwards

Labour’s new leader in Scotland has abandoned his Blairite instincts to try to outflank the SNP on the left and avoid a wipeout at the general election Read more

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NHS: The public health dividend

Public health and prevention is rising up the political agenda. But can it really help the NHS out if its mounting deficit crisis?

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Rotherham: a test of localism

The commissioners sent in by Eric Pickles to run Rotherham council must make themselves primarily accountable to local people, not to Whitehall

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