The austerity pain still to come

With more than half the austerity cuts still to come, public sector leaders need to be bold and imaginative about how they respond. If not, it will be service users who lose out Read more

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Whatever works for Whitehall

As the government moves into its final phase, the pressure is on ministers and mandarins to be seen to deliver. There are some key do’s and don’ts Read more

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NHS: the feeling is mutual

The NHS is first and foremost a people business. Public sector mutuals could help enormously to improve staff engagement within the service Read more

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The Better Care Fund inferno

The government deliberately designed its Better Care Fund to be a ‘burning platform’. Now ministers are looking for a way back through the flames Read more

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Service delivery: is there an app for that?

As councils move from doing things to making things happen, they need to harness the power of new technology to deliver the best possible services for local citizens Read more

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Wanted: a real civil service CEO

David Cameron says he wants to create a new chief executive post at the centre of government. He needs to ensure this is what he gets, rather than another botch-up Read more

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Reshuffle: delivery’s in the detail

The big news stories in yesterday’s government reshuffle should not obscure what has been achieved by departing ministers – and the challenges facing the newcomers Read more

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Policing: citizens do it for themselves

‘Expert citizens’ could be one way to make police forces more cost-effective as well as efficient. There’s plenty of evidence about how this can be done Read more

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Where’s the NHS get-out-of-debt card?

The NHS’ financial position is shaky and deteriorating fast. Just hoping, Mr Micawber-style, that something will turn up is no answer to a likely £2bn shortfall Read more

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Better Care Fund: the small print

Rumours of the demise of the £3.8 billion Better Care Fund are exaggerated. But that does not make the government’s latest announcement about the fund any less disturbing Read more

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