Public sector cuts: time to get real

The public finances are getting no better, and we are faced with the prospect of ever more severe cuts. Time to shed some light on their impact
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Local government: meeting the transformation challenge

Recommendations from an expert panel on how to overcome barriers to service integration could represent a giant leap forward if councils can help prove that reforms can lead to savings Read more

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Higher education challenge

The student loan system is in trouble, with three quarters of students unlikely to pay back their loans in full. A rethink is needed to make the system affordable and improve higher education access Read more

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Referendum? What referendum?

Scotland’s extra-parliamentary groups are carrying on as if polling never happened, while Lord Smith was given just three months to deliver a new constitution Read more

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The ticking clock on quango reform

Three years on from the passing of the coalition government’s Public Bodies Act, what more needs to be done to demonstrate that the system of arm’s-length government in the UK has been reformed for good? Read more

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IPSAS: coming of age

Publication by the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board of a new conceptual framework for financial reporting is a milestone in its development as a mature standard setter Read more

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The NHS starts talking tough

NHS England’s Five Year Forward View sends a hard-hitting message to politicians: stop blocking service changes and find us some more funding. Read more

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The local authority graph of doom

What can councils expect as budgets get even tighter in 2015-16? A lot more pain, but also opportunities to do things in a different way Read more

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Ensuring robust audit in the future

A company set up by the Local Government Association will pick up statutory functions after the closure of the Audit Commission Read more

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Housing: solving the affordability crisis

Proposals in the Lyons Housing Review provide a roadmap for delivering the right type of housing in the right location Read more

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