Network Rail: back to a public future?

Network Rail rejoins the public sector today, but for statistical purposes only. Wouldn’t it make sense to follow the example of other countries and take it back properly into public control? Read more

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Change is the only certainty

Whatever the referendum vote on independence, Scotland will be given more devolved powers. Either way, it needs a different system to manage its finances  Read more

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Can we see more clearly now?

Recession brought an unexpected silver lining: it’s no longer taboo to reveal the costs of healthcare as a means to reshape public behaviour and NHS priorities Read more

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The end of the beginning

The party conferences bring closer what is shaping up to be a hard-fought election. The public spending metrics suggest this could be a good one to lose Read more

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Cry freedom, not currency union

Unionists have beaten the yes campaign over the head with the cudgel of the currency, a cypher for the claim that independent Scotland would be a basket case Read more

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Extra care in the community

Local authorities and the NHS are missing a trick when it comes to meeting the housing and care needs of the baby-boomer generation. It’s not all about building more bungalows Read more

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NHS Scotland: safe in whose hands?

NHS Scotland has moved centre-stage in Scotland’s referendum debate, with each side making claims about its fate. But is everyone missing the point about the underlying health funding crisis?  Read more

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Family proofing: a toothless idea?

David Cameron has announced that he wants to make sure all government policies are family friendly. That won’t be as easy as it sounds Read more

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CCGs: what’s in a name?

The health secretary wants clinical commissiong groups to become more accountable. So could US-style ‘accountable care organisations’ be a model for the future? Read more

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Arts funding cuts: not an easy answer

Cutting arts and culture budgets might be a tempting quick fix for cash-strapped councils, but slashing spending in these areas could damage an area’s economic and social value, shoring up bigger problems in the long term Read more

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